Dreams Do Come True

I’ve heard you should start with the end in mind and I tend to believe that is the best way to start not only the New Year but every goal or life dream.

Wherever you find yourself reading this blog stop for one minute and close your eyes and picture yourself living your dream.  Maybe it’s walking down the aisle looking at the man of your dreams, or sitting in the car you’ve worked and saved for so long and now you’re actually driving in it, owning it. Could it be the ladder of success you’ve been climbing and you’re being handed the promotion and keys to your new office. Or, better yet, the family you’ve longed for and so lovingly find yourself surrounded by that have done you proud.  Ah, how refreshing, invigorating and satisfying to the soul to have accomplished your goal and to be living your dream!

We should never stop dreaming.  Never stop having goals in life even when it appears to be taking longer than hoped or planned. A dream is a dream that keeps the fire burning in our soul and our connection to God who plants those dreams deep in our hearts. Even on the days it appears as if you’ve been forgotten or left behind as you watch others pass you by in the game of life, don’t stop dreaming.

I can say this for many reasons, dreams do come true.  It was five years ago when I felt ready to move away from the chaos and drama I found myself living in back home. I say back home because that was then and this is now home, So Cal.  I was so determined to move away that I booked a flight to So Cal and rented a car to drive down the coast and check out beach areas. While renting the car it was the AVIS agent who talked me into taking the journey in a convertible mustang.  Top down, hair blowing in the wind and so my journey began. Along the way I stopped and checked out beautiful So Cal locations, dreaming of the day I would be free to live near the beach and free to be me. You see, I lost myself in my family like so many of us do.  I was enmeshed in my sons lives so much that I did not even remember who I was and what I wanted in life after my divorce. I had been fighting to save what I thought was a family wanting to be saved. (More info in upcoming blogs) It was so freeing to finally be dreaming of the possibility of something new.

As soon as I returned from this joy ride I started submitting my resumes because I knew this is what God had for me.  After all He planted the dream in my heart!  After numerous attempts to get a transfer to So Cal, NOTHING. How discouraged I was after months of pushing my resume and making calls. Eventually I surrendered the dream to God letting him know I was willing to stay where I was if that was REALLY what he wanted.  It took some time for me to let it go and accept the time was not now.  Every now and again it would sneak into my thoughts and I would let God know I still wanted that dream. And so, life went on.

Then one day in May 2014 I was having a drink with a friend at Newport Landing in Balboa and as I looked out at the Bay I felt this small still voice whisper, “You will live here someday”.  A warm fuzzy came over me but I quickly talked myself out of going there as the dream was just that, a dream. In my mind nothing was aligned with green lights flashing letting me know, “It’s time to go!”

As God would have it the following Monday I went into work and my boss called me into her office to discuss my review she was working on when she mentioned she saw I marked the box, “WILLING TO RELOCATE”. Truly a miracle to be working for someone with such eye to detail, and so supportive! It was a matter of a couple of weeks and I found myself in So Cal interviewing for a job!  Seven weeks later I was following a U-Haul with all of my belongings packed away with my cousin to my new home in Newport Coast! (No my cousin does not live with me!)  You see my cousin Tara is a dear heart who has been a prayer warrior for me and my family for years.  She cares so deeply about me that she could not allow me to make the move alone, and so she packed her bag and held on tight as we drove to So Cal! 

I want you to be encouraged, Dreams Do Come True!  God does hear our prayers and he always provides in His time for all of our needs, hopes and dreams!  And because he is so good he did not allow me to make that drive alone. He knew I would need the support and comfort of someone who cares and knows my heart, almost as much as he does.

I am reminded of how much God’s timing and ways are not our own in Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.

It’s a good thing God is in control and not us. He had things he needed to accomplish in me before I could make such a move and relocate. I am here to remind you, God plants a dream in our heart and as we grow he waters and nourishes it until it is time for it to come to fruition.  Some things come to us quicker than others.  Some we may never see in this life time.  But I encourage you to not lose heart and to hold tightly to the dreams planted deep inside of you as you pray and wait with great expectation for their arrival.  What a grand celebration and great satisfaction will be yours as you close your eyes and remember the day you envisioned the end before it began.


1 thought on “Dreams Do Come True”

  1. Beautiful. Bold. and Brave. Thank you so much for sharing this intimate part of your journey. This SO resonates with me. Each of us need to remember what it is like to dream, as many of us did when we were children, and to bring this state of being into the present. Our hearts open, our eyes, our lives… our relationship with God deepens and our path unfolds…

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