I Just Want to See You Be Brave


The world is full of Superheroes. There will be times life calls on us to show up with our Brave Cape on. We may need to show courage when we don’t feel courageous. Let’s face it as good as life can be it can also be overwhelming at times. Over the years I have had people tell me to seize the moment because you might not get another one like it. Life is short.

As I approach my birthday I am reminded of how quickly life has passed and I am grateful to have experienced many answered prayers. Woven in and out of my life has been what I like to call, the storms of life. When these hit they can hit hard. They can leave one weary and discouraged. It’s in these storms of life I’ve known there is something greater in me. And that greater in me is God.

As I think about it, I am but a mere woman that stands 5’3inches with an unhappy weight when I step onto the scale. I am human. I have flaws. I don’t always act as I should, speak as I should, or love as I should. But God placed me in this world and there is a purpose in his plan for me. Even as a little girl growing up I  knew there was more to life than learning how to share, sit pretty, play nice, love others, and obey my parents. From the beginning God planted in me desires that have burned in my heart and allowed me to dream. I have walked in many of those dreams that have left me with wonderful memories and have helped mold me into the woman I am today. I have also been the victim of circumstances that have destroyed some of those dreams. Not to mention the ones I sabotaged, or gave up because I was not brave enough to see them through.

In life we will be called to put on our Brave Cape, stretch ourselves and learn to trust God more for the things we cannot see. To be brave enough to step out believing for the dreams planted deep inside us. And most of all, to trust when life doesn’t go the way we planned.

But because of God’s love and mercy he doesn’t leave us in the end zone. He rescues and protects us like the lion does his tribe. He leads and provides. He roars loud enough to keep those who don’t mean well at a distance so we can figure things out and make better choices. He roars loud enough to get our attention so we can hear only him, and see his beauty long enough to know He is with us.

Living life today takes a whole lot of BRAVE and especially when we turn on the news and see what is happening around the globe. We live in a time where there is plenty. Plenty to strive for, compete for, and even to die for. Don’t allow the lies of this world, the evil, hard knocks, and disappointments to stand in your way of living the life you were created to live. Be more. Believe for more. Be Brave.

The bravery we display just might bring us to the end of this life with less regrets and more love. And for you parents, the Brave Cape you wear may be what your children emulate when they too face fear and need to make those hard choices in life. Whatever it is you’re facing or believing for put that brave cape on and soar!


If you find yourself in need of wearing your Brave Cape or you have overcome and want to share, please leave your comments below.