Trust, It Begins with Us


Do things you know are right even when you don’t feel like it because it gets us in a pattern of right thinking, and acting. Learn to trust yourself. Learn to trust others.

I believe trust starts out small…it begins at birth. It begins with us.

As we grow older it grows in us and it forms our character and helps define us. We are born with it and we learn to die with it.

God planted the seed of trust into our being as He molded us in our mother’s womb. It is our compass to the True North. It regulates off of our conscience and helps keep us true to ourselves and to others. Trust is our guide to peace, prosperity and a life of abundance. Trust brings people together and a lack of it tears them apart. It’s a part of our character and it helps define us.

In our early years we learn quickly how betrayal can break our ability to trust. The inability to keep our own promises to ourselves can be what places us on the path of becoming unreliable and unable to trust ourselves and others.

No one man is perfect. We will let others and ourselves down. Most times than not it won’t be intentional. It usually will stem from a lack of prayer, care, or wisdom. Unfortunately, each failure with trust will take us further away from what God planned for us to become. It can cause us to shy away from the voice of God and of reason. It can cause others to shy away from us.

Trust is a heart purpose that begins with intention.

So I ask, what does trust mean to you? How do you know you can trust someone? And the bigger question, do you trust yourself?