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Every Day I Am Reminded

Every day I am reminded of God’s perfect love that overshadows my struggles to love well.

How I long for my life to be a testimony of this kind of love and to see others through the eyes of Jesus…all the time.  I know, it’s easy to love the lovable, but what about those that appear to be unlovable. Not so easy.  Imagine, with each experience we’d be that much closer to knowing and loving like our Creator. Wow, how world changing that would be!

In my earlier blog I spoke of Phileo love and shared how God sent sweet hints my way as reminders to not forget to love others well. This love encompasses love for fellow humans, care, respect, and compassion for people in need. It’s the love we share with our BFF’s and those in need.  A love the world can’t live without as it unites and contributes to the beauty of relationship.

God has provided plenty of examples throughout Scripture of how to love. Not to mention the life change it brings to those inside and outside the walls of our homes. Who knows whose heart may be changed forever because we loved them well with our compassion and resources. Continue reading “Every Day I Am Reminded”